ACAN Mentorships

ACAN Mentorships are designed to help students make the jump from studying nutrition to working professionally with real cases. Mentees work with a canine nutrition professional, currently active in the field, to work through practice cases based on real clients. You and your mentor will workshop your recipe and put formulation into the context of real life client work and challenges. Mentors can also help with business development, marketing, and further discussions on specific nutrition concepts (as time allows, formulation practice is prioritized).


ACAN mentorships are open to everyone, not just ACAN graduates. However, each mentorship program has specific prerequisites. This helps ensure that mentees have the foundational knowledge they need to engage in the formulation practice the mentorships are designed to cover. 

Mentorship Structure

Each mentorship program is catered specifically to each mentee’s needs and goals, whether that’s discussing specific nutrient or formulation concepts, practicing specific types of cases, or general formulation practice. We understand that students are in different stages of their journey in their studies, or may already have started working professionally. We recommend reaching out to your prospective mentor to discuss your goals and your concerns so they are able to create an ideal mentorship program for you.

Meeting with Your Mentor

How a mentor and student “meets” depends on the mentor and the mentee – but can include video calls, phone calls, chat, or emails. Meeting times and schedules are set based on the mentor and mentee’s availability.

All mentorship programs, including any remaining meeting time, expire 1 year after enrollment. Refunds are not available for any unused time, as mentors have dedicated space in their schedule to meet with mentees. Please be sure you can dedicate the hours you need to complete the mentorship program before committing.

To learn more about the specific details of the available mentorship programs available, please fill out the interest form below.  Please note that this is for proactive case mentoring only.